OK so its been like forever since I’ve been on and I promise do much better. I’ve been busy as the writer in residence at the Trapp Family Lodge in Vermont. Incredible place and I knew Maria when I was a young boy and she, by then, an older woman who looked nothing like Julie Andrews. The family is amazing and check out some of the blogs I wrote on their website at And check out their whole website. It’s an amazing place to visit. I am thrilled the paperback of THE BRIDE  is out this week and already a pick of FRESHPICK.COM. Meanwhile, I hope life goes well for you and your own creativity, whatever form that takes. My mom used to tell me, stop bellyaching (when I’d complain as a kid) Nothing ever came of that. If you dream, then go out and do! Great advice, that. I pass it along, gratis, and look forward to meeting any and all of you who have been so kind to write, either in email or in person at a signing. Enjoy June!

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