Countdown begins

Wow. The first launch letter went out across the country and am already getting terrific feedback from booksellers and readers and some very dear friends. When you start something you always dream of following it through. It doesn’t always happen but when we make the effort, when it happens, its wondrous. Thanks to all the great people at Crown and Shaye Areheart Books, my publicists, Grace McQuade with Goldberg/McDuffie and Justina Batchelor at Random House, word is getting out. 

And I ran into Elizabeth Mitchell of LOST when I dropped off galleys at Michael Canale’s hot salon in Beverly Hills and she and the other women were so excited about the story. It’s so great when people can share in someone’s excitement and good news. Feels like a gift. What’s your news? What’s the latest thing that’s got you jazzed??

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