The Prince of Nantucket


The Prince of Nantucket is the story of a charismatic public figure, Teddy Mathison, who, in the midst of a political campaign, is blackmailed by his sister into caring for their Alzheimers-afflicted mother, a renowned artist from whom he has long been estranged. Forced back to his family’s summer home in Nantucket for two weeks, Teddy’s visit is complicated by his having to take along his troubled teenage daughter with whom he cannot seem to connect. He is further set on edge when an attractive and irrepressible photographer to whom he is drawn causes him to question whether he ever understood anything about women. Pained, despite himself, at the transformation of his once-proud and talented mother struggling to finish her final masterpiece, rocked with the possibility of losing his daughter forever, driven to win the affection of a woman unlike any other he has ever met, Teddy will uncover a shocking family secret that will alter everything of which he has been certain. And in facing a shattering request, he will confront his deepest fears—and the truest meaning of love.

Book Information

Three Rivers Press
Paperback, 256 pages
ISBN: 978-0307345912

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